Simple deployment and server automation for Elixir.

Bootleg is a simple set of commands that attempt to simplify building and deploying Elixir applications. The goal of the project is to provide an extensible framework that can support many different deploy scenarios with one common set of commands.

Get Started

Out of the box, Bootleg provides remote build and remote server automation for your existing Distillery releases. Bootleg assumes your project is committed into a git repository and some of the build steps use this assumption to handle code in some steps of the build process. If you are using an scm other than git, please consider contributing to Bootleg to add additional support.


def deps do [{:distillery, "~> 2.1", {:bootleg, "~> 0.12"}] end


# config/deploy.exs use Bootleg.Config role :build, "your-build-server.local", user: "develop", password: "bu1ldm3", workspace: "/some/build/workspace" role :app, ["web1", "web2", "web3"], user: "admin", password: "d3pl0y", workspace: "/var/myapp"

Build and deploy

$ mix $ mix bootleg.deploy $ mix bootleg.start